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Interim CTO & IT Leadership Services

Interim CTO, technology strategist,  growth manager

MDBLeadership helps businesses innovate and grow by developing and implementing an ambitious technology strategy tailored to their unique needs.


Whether you are looking for an opportunity to boost productivity and profitability with current resources, grow the tech organization (internationally), critically review the current processes and structures, or you need leadership going through a period of transition. With nearly two decades experience in technology leadership, a Bs in engineering and an MBA in Culture and Change Management, MDBLeadership has the skills and knowledge to help get your organization to that crucial next stage. 

Depending on your needs, I will assume the full scope of the Chief Technology Officer role or similar senior technology leadership role, either on the full leadership scope or focussed on a specific challenge that your business is currently facing.

Let's connect and discuss how I may help your business leap ahead!

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Want to learn more?

  • Read more about the services that I provide through MDBLeadership on my services page. (spoiler alert: any and all technology leadership / CTO work)

  • Check out my resume at about Maurits de Boer. Summary: Educated in Software Engineering (2008) & MBA Change Management (2018) and experienced as engineer, manager, and director, globally.

  • Or move quickly and contact me now.

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