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Maurits de Boer

Interim CTO & technology strategist





Haarlem, the Netherlands

About Maurits de Boer

Hi! My name is Maurits de Boer and my business is interim technology leadership through MDBLeadership.

With over a decade experience as strategic tech leader, I have a proven track record of success in leading software engineering departments. In addition to my technical background, I hold a BA in Computer Science and an MBA in Culture and Change Management. This education has equipped me with the strategic skills necessary to drive business success. Throughout my career, I have built and led engineering teams in diverse, international environments spanning the globe (mostly in Amsterdam, NL) with a focus on fostering engagement and ownership amongst team members and building trust with stakeholders to consistently deliver on the most ambitious goals with exceptional software products. I approach leadership with a strong emphasis on strategic planning, leveraging data-driven insights to identify areas for growth and improvement. Some of my successes are highlighted below.

Experience & Education


Director of Engineering & Product

Cimpress Technology

Amsterdam, Boston, Bengaluru

As Director of Product and Engineering at Cimpress Technology, I built and implemented the strategic direction of Cimpress's design software products. Cimpress is a global print products producer for SMB's and parent of 30 brands such as Vistaprint.

I was hired with the goal of increasing the value and ROI of the design software products according to my strategy. In four years the product offering grew from a single JavaScript design tool with 10k monthly orders to an SDK and 5 design tools with over 3 million monthly orders. I had the opportunity to elevate a small yet promising team of high performing individuals to a highly profitable globe-spanning department. 

I achieved these successes by setting clear goals and a vision for the future, building new high performance teams across continents, and implementing effective processes that encourage team members to take risks and that reward their achievements.

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My management experience at Albelli taught me that I could be most effective by improving strategies, processes, and culture of teams, departments, and organizations. I chose to pursue an MBA with a specialization towards Culture and Change Management to get the latest scientific knowledge about business, organization, culture, and change management. Each of the topics was immediately applicable in my job as Manager at Albelli, such as Strategic Management, Business Development, Organization Psychology and Applied Organizational Science. 

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Culture & Change Management

NCOI University



IT Manager



I joined Albelli as software engineer and started managing a design software development team after a few months. After a few years I managed all FE software development teams.

My responsibilities included everything that would lead to the most profitable products: defining the technical vision and strategy, managing personnel, implementing new processes and structures. I implemented new agile development processes (scrum, TDD, ...) and data driven product management.

Albelli's design software won numerous customer prizes and the software quality greatly contributed to Abelli's amazing growth.
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Software Engineer and consultant
Inter Access, N200

Hilversum, Haarlem

I started my professional career at consultancy firm Inter Access as a software engineer. I mostly coded in Java, but also touched on JavaScript, PL/SQL, and C#. Having been deployed at a variety of clients, including an insurance company and a fintech startup, I had the opportunity to experience different organizational cultures, technology strategies, and tech stacks. I joined N200, a startup in event registration services where I helped build a new event management system. I learned ActionScript and continued to work with Java, and I had my first introduction to Agile methodologies. 

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Having always been interested in software and internet technology, I pursued my bachelor's degree in ICT at Tech HS Haarlem (now InHolland University) earning the engineering degree (ing.) in 2007. The program encompassed a diverse range of courses, mixing technology with management. I had the opportunity to do three internships, at KLM in Amstelveen, Softris Business Solutions in Johannesburg, South Africa, and at Segment Y in Panaji, India. While the course itself offered an impressive foundation for a professional career in technology, the international internships gave me invaluable insights into globally diverse professional cultures.

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Bs Computer Science

University InHolland

Haarlem NL, Johannesburg SA, Panaji IN

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