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Technology Leadership Services

MDBLeadership customizes its services to align with your business requirements.

The depth of service ranges from high-level coaching to hands-on execution.

You can also choose from a flexible range of services, from addressing specific technical or leadership challenges, such as technical due diligence or staffing strategy, to providing comprehensive support across the full scope of the CTO role including people management, process optimization, and product management.

Read more about how Maurits de Boer can support your technology business, or just reach out now to discover all the possibilities.

Strategic coaching to hands-on execution

Whether your business is looking for high-level coaching session, or execution on concrete strategic goals, or anything in between, Maurits de Boer can be of service. MDBLeadership offers three levels of service:​​​

Strategic leadership coaching and expert analysis

In a series of dedicated sessions, I will actively engage in strategic meetings or host one-on-one coaching sessions to challenge and review your existing strategy, goals, processes, and tech stack from an expert third person's perspective. These sessions can be completed with a report or presentation if requested.

Technical Strategy Development

I will develop a comprehensive technology strategy that aligns with your business's overarching objectives. Whether you're looking to enter new markets, scale up from one to many products or platforms, or innovate with new technology. I will develop a strategy including a clear roadmap, resource allocation, risk mitigation, process planning, and timeline considerations to set your business on a path to sustainable growth and competitiveness.

Hands-on technical implementation and execution

I will work hands-on with your team to ensure that the strategic plans we've crafted are implemented effectively. I can take on the role of interim CTO, product manager, scrum master, or anything similar to lead diverse technology teams and deliver measurable results on your ambitious goals. Allong the way I will coach and mentor the team to guarantee sustainable improvement.

People, technology, efficiency, quality

Your CTO sets the technical vision and strategy aligned with the business goals, oversees the development and implementation of innovative technological solutions guaranteeing that the team delivers to expectation, and manages the technical budget and the team of engineers, designers, product managers and all others.

MDBLeadership will take on any or all of these responsibilities to help your business grow.

Technical review / due dilligence

Do you need to review your tech stack after a period of rapid growth? Or are you looking for an expert to do the due dilligence of a business you may want to acquire? You need a third party expert's opinion!

Product Evolution to hypergrowth

We have an amazing product that our customers love and each optimization helps us grow a little. We want to grow from one product to many. We want to evolve from a product to a platform. We want to go global. How do we get a technology strategy to support our ambitious goals?


We have a need to grow the team rapidly. Which types of experts do we need? Do we hire the seniors and leads before the juniors? Do we continue to grow in our current location or out-source? When can we expect these teams to reach peak productivity? 

Process Optimization

As we invest in our product, we see the complexity and risk grow. How do we optimize our development and delivery processes to maintain our high velocity and effectiveness?

Productivity in a hybrid world

You see the clear benefits of working from home and your team loves the flexibility. But how do you keep productivity and collaboration up? How do I get people back to the office when I need them there?

Delivery optimization

Too many businesses struggle with product delivery. A motivated team of engineers and QAs works hard to deliver the best result but you get caught in rollbacks and bugfixes. Let's review the development processes, delivery tools, and monitoring activities to ensure smooth a deployment. 

Product optimization

Our product is amazing, and we need the world to find it. How do we increase things like our NPS score, app star rating, and knowledge of customer usage while we decrease our customer complaints? We invest in product development and we want to see that investment reflected in usage and conversion.

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